Microsoft Office.

1.Knowing your options:

The first step in migrating to any of Microsoft Office 365 package is finding out what really meets your needs.

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2.Expert guidance:

We are here to help you make an informed decision.
Once we are able to establish your requirements, we will create specification document for you to review in buying a subscription plan.
Alternatively, you can buy a recommended plan directly from us.

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3.Migrating users:

There are several factors to consider when migrating users to Microsoft Office 365, the first is whether they are standalone or Active Directory users.
Standalone users is quite straight forward to migrate if they don't have pre-existing profile settings that needs migrating.
If standalone users have pre-existing profile settings they want to use with Microsoft Office 365, a custom migration plan would have to be created.
Active directory integrated users on the other hand will definitely warrant a custom installation plan.
If your users are in a single internal domain, migration requirements should be quite straight forward.
However, if users are federated across multiple domains both internally and externally, you would need to have one of our dedicated expert in helping with your transition.
The other dominant factor is the number of users and scope of the activity

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4.Integrating Active Directory:

If you want to control usage and apply security policies on users and devices using Microsoft Office 365, you will need to have a Federated Active Directory Solution.
Our experts can help you seamlessly extend you Active Directory by creating a proof of concept solution which can be implemented on approval.

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5.Management and monitoring.

Once the setup is completed and proper documentation is in place, you can request our services in helping you review your environment for performance improvements.
If you don't have permanent staff "BAU - Business As Usual", you can subscribe to our managed support plan.
You wouldn't need to worry about updating or troubleshooting as we would have our team constantly monitoring your environment.
We can create a dashboard solution for you to monitor the entire solution and receive notifications.

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