Computer Repair.

1.Virus and Spyware removal

If you are getting popups whenever you open your internet browser or a strange application keep slowing down your computer, you may have contracted a virus or spyware.

Antivirus Image Antispyware Image All-in-one Security Image
2.Corrupt Operating System

If your system won't boot, keeps shutting down unexpectedly, or wouldn't install an application properly; you might want to get the operating system checked for errors or problems.

Windows Image Linux Image
3.Broken screen and keypad

We can replace broken laptop screens and faulty keypads.

Broken Screen Image DVD drive Image
4.Faulty Hard disk or DVD drive

If your hard disk keeps making loud noises and generates errors during de-fragmentation. you might want to have it checked. If your DVD drive won't read disk or open, we can troubleshoot and help with replacement if necessary.

Hard disk Image DVD drive Image
5.Power supply issues

If you have a broken power pack or supply, your system wouldn't start or battery wouldn't be charging.

Power pack Image Power supply Image
6.Lost internet or network connection

A configuration error or missing system driver could be preventing you from accessing the internet or network.

Broadband Image Network card Image
7.Motherboard, Sound and Graphics card problems

Issues with these devices are usually more complicated for the ordinary eye to diagnose and pinpoint.

Motherboard Image Sound card Image Graphics card Image
8.Printer and Projector

If your printer has stopped working or projector wouldn't display, give us a heads-up and we can help you find the problem.

Printer Image Projector Image