System Configuration Management

1.Server Configuration

The server plays a vital role in any business or organisation that needs computational, networking or storage resources for users and services. Some of the server roles we configure are Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, File & Terminal Servers, Web Server "IIS and Nginx", Image Deployment, Remote Access and VPN. We configure both hardware based and software "Virtual" devices. Part of our server configuration also includes routers, switches, load-balancers and firewalls.

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2.Infrastructure Audit:

We adopt industry best practices when deploying any system, and start by clarifying the client's needs using a business impact analysis model to key establish dependencies and requirements.
Our approach is non-intrusive in nature but requires the client's approval.
There are cases where remedial work needs to be done in bringing the environment into a stable condition before any configuration exercise.

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3.Solution Architecture:

Depending on the business model and systems in use, a detailed architecture diagram is key in showing the relationship between business services and systems.
We provide customised reference architectures for eCommerce Websites, Mobile Services, Big Data Analytics, Fault Tolerance and High Availability, Content and Media serving to Disaster Recovery and Offsite backup solutions.

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4.Solution Implementation:

Depending on the type of device and number of systems involved, our deployment model is mostly automated.
Using pre-configured security hardened and tested templates, we can deliver from standalone to High Availability solution.
Pre-configuration activities involves taking snapshots, backups and establishing baselines with necessary roll-back strategies and up to date documentation.
Post-configuration activities includes creating baselines, monitoring, hardening and securing the system(s) or environment.

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5.Systems Monitoring.

Once the deployment is completed and all the proper documentation is in place, you can request further services in helping you setup a proactive monitoring solution.
We support both opensource and proprietary software monitoring solutions with customised deep monitoring, alerting and reporting for hosts and services.

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